Win over $500.00 by simply liking a Facebook Page!

How would you like the opportunity to make some serious money? How does $500.00 sound?

Would that be able to help pay some of your bills? Someone you care about having a birthday party coming up? Or maybe you just want some extra spending money.

Whatever you would do with the money is entirely up to you!


In order for me to be able to do this for you, it is simple. LIKE, LIKE, LIKE this Facebook page. In doing so, I will build a bigger audience and be able to reach more investors.

Toixos Graphics Facebook Page

Investors for what exactly? PROMOTING!

Do you want

  • A Facebook page of yours promoted?
  • More followers on twitter?
  • More subscribers to a blog you write on?

Whatever it may be, we can help each other out. But for now, lets get more likes so we can help everyone win!

So this is what I ask of you, simply share this article on your Facebook wall, or whatever means necessary. The more likes we get, the more promoting I will be able to do, the bigger the cash prizes will be.

But how exactly will you be eligible to win the money? Do you have to buy a ticket?


It would be as simple as liking Facebook pages. 🙂

Be sure to follow this blog as well so you will be kept up to date on when the giveaways will be taking place. Eventually I want to be giving away $500.00 EVERY SINGLE WEEK!!!


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